Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

A home at Christmas is never complete without a beautiful scented fragrance. Our signature scents and Christmas Candles make for the perfect gifts as well as creating a warm and festive atmosphere.
  • Buy Marlow Candle from Karno

    Marlow Candle

    Was £20.00

    Now £14.00

  • Buy Silver Bali Candle from Karno London
  • Buy Lyra Candle - Woodland Spice Scent from Karno London
  • Buy the Sienna Cross Hatch Cylinder from Karno London.

    Sienna Cross Hatch Cylinder

    Was £25.00

    Now £15.00

  • Buy Scent One Candle from Karno London

    Scent One Candle

    Was £25.00

    Now £17.50